14th – 20th March – Nutrition & Hydration Week.

The goal of Nutrition and Hydration Week is to connect with healthcare practitioners working in medical, catering, and care settings, and to use their knowledge to create a fantastic campaign that everyone can get behind.

Roughly three million individuals are facing the risk of malnutrition in the United Kingdom and many more internationally. The global community needs to explore chances to raise awareness about the dangers and encourage good practices that can help combat malnutrition and dehydration.

Preventing malnutrition and dehydration promotes health and well-being while also reducing pressure on health and social care systems in the treatment and assistance of persons who are malnourished or dehydrated. As the public health situation becomes more complex, and budgets become tighter, Nutrition and Hydration Week remains a viable means of health intervention.

Nutrition and Hydration Week strives to emphasize, advocate, and celebrate local, national, and global advancements in the management of nutrition and hydration. The commemoration began with an emphasis on improving nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings, but it has since evolved.

Nutrition and Hydration Week has attracted so many different groups and industries in recent years that everyone is now invited and encouraged to participate in prioritizing and endorsing nutrition and hydration during the week.