Training Department

The greatest asset we have in delivering a high-quality service is our staff team. We are very proud of the dedication and commitment shown throughout our organisation.

We are extremely proud of our Training Department and the variety of training that is offered to those we employ. Offering training packages to those who have no experience in care, to bespoke training for employees who have a wealth of experience and knowledge, there is no training which cannot be offered.

As well as eLearning training, we also offer face to face training and peer to peer support training. With qualified trainers within the Organisation, we offer inhouse training that can be tailored to individuals we support and staff alike. Meeting the standards set out in the Oliver McGowan training, our aim is always to exceed the minimum training standards and go beyond to empower supported individuals and staff.

The Society also offers more bespoke training to help support individuals within our care, this can be diabetes training, PEG training, epilepsy training, mental health first aider training to name a few. The Society has a strong focus on positive behavioural support and this training underpins our values and mission statement to support individuals for positive outcomes.

Embracing equality and diversity, there is no person we cannot teach and help to grow. Utilising all platforms of learning such as computers, written and practical training, our inclusive approach meets all needs.

Whilst we don’t facilitate formal qualifications such as Diplomas anymore, we support staff to embark on these qualifications at various levels from level 2 and up offering time and support within the Organisation to complete. We work alongside other training departments to do this.

The Durnford Society is an accredited End of Life centre having undertaken St Luke’s Six Steps program.