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Person Centred Support

Person Centred Approaches Q. Are we good at what we do? A. Yes you are. Q. What makes us good? A. You care, you believe in the people you support, you are a very understanding company and you put people first. Just a few of the things that people say about us. How we feel about our role in the Organisation is very important to the people we support. If we are positive and enthusiastic about our role, it will make a world of difference to the person receiving our support and efforts. We do a huge amount of training so that we can understand and provide support in the individuals best interest, in the safest and most enjoyable way

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CEO – Words of Wisdom

We have the honour and pleasure of supporting some amazing people. Having worked in the care/support world for the past 44 years, I have learned all I know from the people I have supported and the people who have supported them. I have just come from one of the Residential Homes Staff Meetings and one Support Worker said ‘in the 50 years I have worked in care this is the best. This was seconded by others at the meeting. This is why I am so proud of the Organisation.   The people we support can teach us a valuable lesson in tolerance, not least from the comings and goings of staff, but the relationships that have been built with long term

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Welcome to our new webpage and re-branded logo. It’s been a long journey to get here but having now arrived, it’s certainly been a journey worth undertaking. With renewed enthusiasm since COVID hit, this change has been necessary in the Organisation re-setting and focussing on the mission and values that it wants to achieve. Our new logo is reflective of the ways that we work today, and in the future, in partnership with others to help support the supported person and staff grow alike. I am excited for what the future holds and the opportunities that the Society will be able to embark upon….

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