CEO – Words of Wisdom

We have the honour and pleasure of supporting some amazing people. Having worked in the care/support world for the past 44 years, I have learned all I know from the people I have supported and the people who have supported them. I have just come from one of the Residential Homes Staff Meetings and one Support Worker said in the 50 years I have worked in care this is the best. This was seconded by others at the meeting. This is why I am so proud of the Organisation. 

The people we support can teach us a valuable lesson in tolerance, not least from the comings and goings of staff, but the relationships that have been built with long term members, over 50% of whom have been with us 10 years or more. 


You, the Support Workers are our backbone, remembering that all of our Management and Senior Management Teams (supported by our Administration and Finance Team) started as Support Workers. There is a certain safety to be felt in that, but we must not become complacent. With the continual Health and Safety and Quality Assurance checks we will steer away from this. 


We aim to chase that ‘Outstanding’ ticket and I believe we have the knowledge, experience and dedication to do so. The Staff Meetings I have attended of late are definitely saying ‘here we come’. 


There are many times when you have gone above and beyond, whether it be planning holidays and activities or just some lovely gesture that has been made towards someone we support, it all makes for excellent service.